EXCLUSIVE: Reformation’s Latest Denim Uses Post-consumer Fabric Scraps
Reformation is unveiling “Circular Denim” in its latest stride to clean up its denim act — and it’s tapping manufacturing waste for the first time to do it. The jeans are also designed to be recycled and eligible for fiber-to-fiber recycling. “We launched Ref jeans for the first time in 2017. We’re a few years into the category now, [bu …
Boosting Premium Denim’s Sustainability with Chemical-Free Lasers
A fully vertical factory and laundry established in Istanbul in 2008, Strom’s vertically integrated process enables them to meet the various demands of its premium denim partners, from ideas and design through finished products, all with full transparency. Two factories in Istanbul and offices in London and New York focus on sustainability, innovation and flexibility, while new technologies like lasers save on water and chemicals.
Boyish Jeans Teams with Retraced for Supply Chain Transparency
The technology offers consumers a detailed report of the brand’s sustainable supply-chain partners Bossa, Strom Denim and Lenzing, which have all joined the platform as well. After joining the platform in March, Boyish worked with Retraced on adding the three partners to the system, collecting information on their production methods and verifying their certifications.
Boyish Bets on Vintage and Utilitarian Styling for Fall
In July, the Los Angeles-based company introduced a supply-chain tracing tool to its e-commerce site. The technology provides consumers insight into the brand’s partners like Bossa, Strom Denim and Lenzing and their environmental footprint.

At the core of all Boyish collections, the company stated, lies a commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible. “A brand that feels good to buy and even better to wear; the only impact Boyish leaves on the planet is good jeans,” it added.