The points that make the Denim different are the product’s design and the fabric structure. With its stylist and design team, Strom provides unlimited customer satisfaction with its products tailored to the needs and tastes of everybody. Every product produced with this understanding reflects the denim spirit as much as its fashion.


Our cutting-edge cutting machines, which allow fabrics to be shaped, are operated by experts. Laser cutting machines compatible with each dye shape and fabric and it makes it possible to cut even the finest details as well as prevent fabric loss. With minimal error and our technology systems running at maximum performance, the production process continues non stop. In addition, crafting is included in the process, and the products are carefully handled by the craftsmen.


Beyond interlocking the fabrics, the stitches, styles and creativity traces that give the product a new dimension. Sturdy seams reflect the denim taste as well as its quality. Strom uses quality yarn, accurate sewing techniques and zero fault tolerance machines in denim production. All the products thus sewn are produced with the same quality, same dimensions and same detail workmanship.


Washing, which is one of the most important building blocks of Denim’s world, reflects our service, vision and quality in the most accurate way. We have integrated all the technological innovations of the denim washing world with the latest washing techniques in line with the latest fashion and our experienced technicians in the R&D in order to make history. The color and contrast integrity, which is one of the distinctive details of the denim, is applied to the products during the washing phase. Washing with the right machine and technical adjustments not only reduces the level of wearing-off but also prolongs the life of the products. Strom uses different washing techniques according to fabric structure and design. These are enzyme washing, enzyme stone washing, softening washing and softening silicone washing, which is determined according to the structure and design of the fabric. Our company, which supports and applies healthy and original denim production, has appointed the process to experts.


The packing step, where the production process is completed, reflects Strom’s quality. Each product is prepared for the packaging process in accordance with these quality and company value policies. All the standards required in the production of the essence also manifests itself in the packaging phase. The products are folded, packed and shipped carefully and ready to use. The fact that a quality denim looks good on the body and stands out is the indication of our point of view in the sector.