UYDD – Hayata Merhaba

It is the realization of one’s potential and abilities, developing them to the highest level, living life fully, enjoying life. According to Maslow, self-actualization takes place after physiological needs, safety, love, togetherness, and self-worth are met. Self-actualization is an important need for everyone. This need has no color, religion or race. Based on this purpose, we do our part to give everyone the opportunity to realize themselves. We donate fabrics to the school every month.

Strom Denim Scholarship Program

We will be by the side of the students studying in the conservatory department and we provide scholarships to students who meet the necessary conditions throughout their education..

Atılım University

We are collaborating with Atılım University Department of Textile and Fashion Design.

Yanımda Mama Var

It is a program we have started for the feeding of stray animals during the winter months. We distribute approximately 50kg of food every month.