This is the patented sustainable production solution taken into place against the traditional products. Under this label, you will find that all fabrics has sustainable fiber elements such as recycle cotton, organic cotton, tencel, modal.

Laundry perspective, all products have lower energy/water/workmanship results and consequently all EIM scores are green since we have replaced the harmful tools with our sustainable solutions.

You cannot see any pumice stone (replaced with rubber AKA eco-ball), hypoclorid and PP for bleaching (replaced with ozone machine) in our Blue Drop labelled solutions.

Every drops count. Mama earth will love you more for every Blue Drop.

Nano-bubble Technology

The denim industry consumes high amounts of water and energy. One pair of jeans requires 70 liters of water with conventional washing recipes. In our Blue Drop collection; we’re using a nanobubble technology machine that uses air from the atmosphere and generates microbubbles. Chemicals and water are homogeneously mixed together and applied over garments with the help of microbubbles. Together with a variety of finishing effects on denim can be achieved by saving large quantities of water, chemicals, and energy.



All dry processes; whiskers, handsandlings, destructions; made by our laser machines. New technology laser machines are able to catch the same look with classical methods outcomes. With new sustainable chemicals; we don’t have to use PP sprays after laser; to spot the spray effects anymore.



Nearly all of the denim laundries do the “Denim Bleach” process with chemicals (Sodium Hypochlorite, Potassium Permanganate, etc). With this method of denim bleach, heated water is needed to neutralize the garment by removing the chemicals. Laundries have to consume big energy in this process. Using chemicals also brings laundries extra costs. Ozone Technology, a process that significantly reduces the Laundry’s water consumption, use of chemi cals and energy.



The recycled content of our products
are verified by Global Recycled Standard.


Our products and manufacturing activities
are certificated for making textiles with organic
grown materials by the Organic Content Standard.

Case Studies

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